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Volunteers Needed To Help Stop Solar Farms



This map displays SOME of the existing and planned solar farms in the USA as of December 2019. If you would like to help protect our farmland and residential neighborhoods against this invasion of solar farms, please contact us.

If YOU care about protecting your home and neighborhood, family farms, food prices, hunting habitats, etc., we need your help NOW.

Do you have any spare time in your life that you would like to use to help accomplish something worthwhile that will have a long lasting effect on thousands or even millions of lives?

While we understand there are millions of people on this planet that want to “save the planet” by getting us away from fossil fuel and use solar energy, we have discovered there are facts about the components inside solar PANELS that can cause fires.

We have also discovered there are TOXIC CHEMICALS inside many solar panels. Whenever a solar panel is damaged by a fire, storm, accident or old age, these chemicals can leak out onto the ground or become absorbed into the smoke of a fire and become a health hazard to humans.

There are also long term negative effects of cutting down trees and forests in order to use the land for solar farms as well as the potential shortage of prime farm land that should be used for growing crops that could feed millions of people.

As a result of discovering these negative effects of having solar farms in certain locations, we need individuals to help us gather as much information as possible about the dangers and negative effects of solar farms, so that we can present it in one central location for governments and citizens to easily find.

In order to accomplish that goal, we need researchers to find and send us links or information on the locations and other vital information on the following subjects: This research can be conducted focused on a particular location or a topic.

FIRES: When and where fires took place on solar farms or even buildings containing solar panels, as well as any information on the source of the fire, how much damage was involved and if there were any injuries or fatalaties.

TOXIC CHEMICALS: Documentation containing information about the toxic chemicals used inside solar panels and the health risk those chemicals pose to humans in the event of a fire that would cause them to become carried in the smoke plum, as well as being leaked into the ground water table.

TOXIC HAZARD REGULATIONS: Laws and regulations concerning the hazards of fighting fires involving solar farms or solar panels.

RESTRICTIONS: Laws and regulations concerning locations of solar farms.

DISPOSAL: Regulations concerning the disposal of damaged or worn out solar panels that contain toxic chemicals.

PETITIONS: Information pertaining to petitions protesting the building of solar farms.

LAWSUITS: Information relating to any lawsuits against a solar company or the building of a solar farm

ATTORNEYS: Names and locations of any attorneys willing to file lawsuits or fight for individuals against solar companies.

GOFUNDME: We need individuals experienced in setting up “gofundme” accounts, to help raise money for families that need to hire attorneys in order to stop solar farms from building in residential areas or other protected areas.

POLITICAL CONTACTS: We need individuals willing to contact elected officials in person or via phone calls, emails or snail mail, in order to provide them with documentation and/or other information that will encourage them to support regulations protecting citizens from the dangers of solar farms in certain areas.

WRITERS and EDITORS: We also need writers to compile new fact based articles that can be used to support the prevention of solar farms in certain locations and editors to help us review and proofread articles, prior to having them posted on our website.

If you would like to volunteer to help us and many others around the world, please send your contact information, ie name and email address via a facebook messenger to StopSolar Farms on facebook or through our Stop Solar Farms group page.