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This Stop Solar Farms website is run entirely by non-paid volunteers that care about our world, our country and our families future.  

In this world of such abundant information, have you ever wondered why there is such little information available on the dangers, problems and complaints regarding certain types of renewable energy?

Due to the massive Gold Rush that has taken place over the last decade involving Solar Energy, we are attempting to build an organized collection of scientific data and proven facts depicting the problems discovered around Solar Energy that main stream media and global companies are not always presenting.

In order to accomplish that goal, without any funding from the government, outside advertisers or big corporate donors, we need individual volunteers willing to share local news stories, names of private attorneys that are willing to defend property owners against the invasion of solar farms next to their homes, as well as researchers, editors, writers and photographers.

If you would like to volunteer to help us document and share this information, please contact us via our Facebook Group or use our Contact Page.