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The Indiana Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act

The Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act

Written by Billy B

Indiana State Legislators passed an Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) law, many years ago, preventing “some” homeowners and residents from voting for or against individuals that are supposed to represent them.

All but ONE of the Grandview, Indiana properties proposed in Spencer County for conversion to become “Solar Farms” are located outside the city limits of Grandview and as such, a vast majority of the property owners and residents that will be effected by these Solar Farms had no voice in electing the LOCAL individuals responsible for this decision, nor do they have any recourse for a decision that has placed their future lives in limbo for years as they try to decide if they need to move to another county or state, due to the potential health and aesthetic aspects of having so many solar panels in their neighborhood.

When municipalities expand their jurisdiction to those that do not have the right to vote in their elections, it is illegitimate because those disenfranchised are powerless to reverse the policies forced upon them by a government they did not elect into office.

Therefore, since we believe this ETJ law is unfair and possibly even unconstitutional, we plan on publishing details of this law and the effects it is having on Indiana residents.

In addition to publishing details of this ETJ law and the harmful effects it is having on Indiana residents, we also plan on exposing the names of the elected officials that oppose Senate Bill 535 and/or any current and future bills designed to repeal the original ETJ law.

In the event the current ETJ law is not repealed or a repeal is not retroactive to the point that it will make the recent Grandview town board vote to rezone 1,500 acres of farmland, null and void, we will also be filing a class action law suit against the State of Indiana, the counties that have been taking advantage of citizens outside of their towns and the towns that have utilized this law.