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Construction Images From Spencer County Indiana Solar Farm

Spencer County, Indiana is being bombarded with solar farms, as are many other rural counties in Indiana.

This is partially a result of politicians in Indianapolis at the governor’s mansion as well as the Senate and House chambers, therefore we encourage all Indiana voters to look at the voting records of their incumbent state representatives before every primary season.

What started out as industrial solar farms or projects of around 10 or 15 acres in some parts of rural America has now turned into solar projects taking up from 1,000 acres to over 10,000 acres per farm with multiple projects being built or proposed per county.

Spencer County Indiana is one of the latest targets of this solar invasion. At the time of this writing, there are currently three industrial solar farm projects being considered or under development and each one is expected or known to include in excess of 1,000 acres each.

In order to help protect many citizens of Spencer County, Indiana that are not aware of this invasion and take over of their prime farm land, we are providing a list of images and documents offering information about local solar projects that has been hidden or not openly publicized or promoted to the general public.

If you find these projects offensive, we encourage you to unite with neighbors to help protect your county, your home values and your health.

We would also like to encourage you to contact us to share any ideas, questions or information.

You can view images of Spencer County Solar Farm Construction at the location below.

* Images of Spencer County: Including solar farms under development or construction.