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SOUTHERN Spencer County Indiana SOLD It’s Future

SOUTHERN Spencer County Indiana SOLD It’s Future

Written by Steve S

During a time when many city dwellers are looking for the safety and peaceful settings of Rural America, Southern Spencer County Indiana has failed it voters and sold it’s soul to FAKE Green Energy Alarmists.

There are currently at least THREE Proposed Solar Farm Projects in or by the South Spencer County Lines where land that is now covered with crops and trees will be replaced with Metal, Glass and Toxic Chemicals that could “Start Fires” and contaminate our ground water.

TROY Indiana is the location one one projected Solar Farm that is supposed to contain 150,000 Solar Panels. According to the website the Troy site will “will use 1,439.23 acres of farmland, to install 276.81 acres of Solar Panels. This proposal was approved, without discovering the company making the solar panels has a history of lying about faulty panels and the Solar Developer has no visible history of previously installing a solar farm.”

Grandview, is another location where 30+ parcels of land are set up to be converted from crops to solar panels. While no one has reported the total acres that will be used, we do know many of these parcels of land have homes near them, where any smoke from toxic cancer causing chemicals can harm the children and adults, if these panels catch or start fires as others have done.

We might also add that when the Grandview Town Council voted to approve this Solar Farm Project, the residents living in the area where the farm land is located, are not allowed to vote on who gets elected to the Grandview Town Council.

Furthermore, there are complaints that when residents asked to see documentation relating to the “Proposed” Solar Project” days and weeks prior to the Town Council having their final meeting and vote, the residents were lied to by the Town Manager and told the town did not have any documentation other then a map. Yet on the day of the final vote by the town council, approximately 15 minutes prior to the vote, the town manager suddenly “found” the documentation that had been requested weeks earlier.

Midway is the general location of the third Proposed Solar Farm project in Southern Spencer County. Not much has been uncovered about this location YET as local officials seem to be keeping things quite until the last minute.

What we would like to know is WHO is approving these Solar Farms in and around residential neighborhoods? Are they being approved because of corruption, lack of knowledge or simply a belief that tax revenue is more important then the health, happiness and future of their voters.

If these votes are a result of lack of knowledge, we would be happy to meet with any elected official at any time in order to offer them additional fact based information on Solar Panels, Solar Farm and Wind Energy.

Any interested party from Spencer County, Indiana can use our contact form to reach out to this site and set up a personal meeting with one of our representatives in your area or submit additional information for use on this site.