Application for Special Exception Reversed

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Here is a story that reminds us all that our efforts to slow down and stop all the large commercial solar developments are not in vain.

On August 24,2021, a special judge, Judge Kim Hall, for the Pulaski County, Indiana, Superior Court , reversed the Pulaski County Board of Zoning Appeals’ approval of Mammoth Solar’s application for special exception (application). The exemption filed was for a large commercial solar development spanning more than 4,500 acres of agricultural farmland. Several neighboring property owners initiated a judicial review proceeding before Judge Hall in an effort that successfully reversed the BZA’s approval of the Application.

One of the key factors leading to the judge’s decision was the fact that the Solar Company had not provided a fire and safety plan that is clearly required by Pulaski County’s Uniform Development Act. The Board of Zoning Appeals had agreed to let this information be provided after the approval was granted. The judge reversed the exception appoval and sent the matter back to the BZA. Only after a complete application is provided by Mammoth Solar, can the matter proceed to public hearing. 

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