Do Utility Companies Have too Much Power and Control?

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Do Utility Companies Have too Much Power and Control?

Nebraska Power Company will Spend $651 Million For Gas Power as Backup For a $397 Million Solar Plant. This could cost the county $975 Million in lost taxable valuation and result in 4,700 fewer housing units and 11,175 fewer residents and the county may not be able to stop the utility company from building the new solar and gas plants.

The post below was written by Dave Begley and posted on his FB page and on the Saunders County Community FB page.

The Omaha Public Power District is looking to have 500 acres of Nebraska farmland removed from food production for expensive and unreliable solar.

This case really shows how slick the solar developers are. They are organized. The opponents were not able to organize until the last minute.

I won the argument at the Planning Commission level, but the leader of the opponents wanted to hire a Lincoln lawyer for the County Board meeting.

I was able to speak, for a short time, to the Board and made the strongest legal argument which is that the County's own zoning regulations would not allow the granting of the conditional use permit because an industrial solar facility is not in harmony with farms, houses and a cemetery.

The County Board completely ignored its own regulations. In the OWH story, one of the Board members admitted that they wanted the $300k per year in extra tax money. That's the strongest tool (in addition to the appeal for "renewable" energy) that the proponents can make.

I don't know if the opponents will take this case to court, but I think they certainly should.

One of the most interesting things here is that the entire Board is Republicans (the anti-slave party). I really expected better things from them as this permit is clearly contrary to law.

The article Solar farm approved with many conditions attached is completely biased as it totally ignores the best legal argument, that is, the conditional use permit is in violation of section 7.03(5) of the Saunders County zoning regulations.

In other words, this vote was lawless. I expected the all-GOP Board to follow the Rule of Law.
Laughable that Saunders County could get bought off for just $300k per year. Artificial turf for Yutan HS? Ha! What a waste of money.

The important point here is that solar power is so unreliable that backup power MUST be built. A total waste of money.

"At the Saunders County Board hearing regarding Platteview Solar, we heard in passing that OPPD is building two *standby* natgas facilities in Douglas County.

In the Order of the Nebraska Power Review Board dated December 4, 2020, it is disclosed that OPPD will spend $651 million in order to provide backup for the 400 mw in solar that OPPD is planning on building.

These two peaking plants "are typically called upon a relatively small number of days per year."

Order at 12. The Order also states that "solar generating facilities are normally accredited in the 60 to 70 percent range in the summer, and almost zero during winter." Order at 9. Yup, ZERO.

Restated, your consumer-owned OPPD is purchasing expensive and unreliable solar power and has to spend an *extra* $651 million because of the OPPD Board's belief in the Global Warming religion.

We all pay the price for the decades of mismanagement at OPPD.

It sure is easy to spend other people's money; especially when there is no accountability."

By: Dave Begley

Saunders County planners vote against proposed solar farm

Solar farm approved with many conditions attached

OPPD Plans Natural Gas Plant Along Fairview Road

Editors Note:
We included links to news articles, relating to this solar development. They give some background to this story but no article goes into enough details, as if the press does not want the general public to know too much information.

This seems to be a typical policy in America where the Internet Search Engines, News Media and even many Government Officials seem to be hiding certain information from the citizens of our country. That is why we are encouraging the PEOPLE to stand up and speak up. Expose the corruption and dirty secrets.

For example, we have discovered that some solar developers are paying up to $50,000 to people living next door to solar developments in order for them to NOT complain about the solar panels next door. One of the problems with these agreements is an attachment, is placed on the property so that even future owners of the land can not complain or it will cost them $$$$.

Now, we would challenge you to name any other industry that PAYS people not to complain about products that are installed in your community. Doesn’t it make you wonder just what they are hiding?

If you have an article exposing problems with solar developments, please share it with us, so that we can let others discover the real problems with having solar developments next to residential neighborhoods and destroying crop producing land.

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