After 30 years of failed Climate Politics, let’s try Science!

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Posted by Sara
The following is a partial quote from a very interesting article about the lies told in relation to climate change and how the world will end. If you want to educate yourself on how to combat the lies, I encourage you to read this article and follow the links.

"Each year the climate propaganda campaign has grown larger. Much of this was directed by people seeking to use climate change as a means to gain power and achieve large-scale social change.

At some point, it overshadowed the science, and much of the news became misrepresentations and exaggerations of the science – or outright fiction.
Critics were often met with personal invective. This is like the American tourist in France who speaks English slowly and loudly, hoping to be understood.

Now the climate change campaign has gone full ClownWorld: Greta Thunberg is TIME’s Person of the Year. A 16-year-old who parrots what she has been told.

Parliaments pretend to take her seriously. Climate activists believe we should learn from her.

I and others have documented the rising tide of climate propaganda. Here are a few examples."

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