North Carolina Lawmakers Warn of Solar Farm Cleanup Costs

19 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Seems that the lawmakers in North Carolina have finally become aware that there is nothing in place to address the issue of closure when hundreds of millions of tons of solar farm materials containing hazardous substances from solar facilities wear out.

A spokesperson for the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association admitted that NO state has a solar decommissioning regulation.

A Department of Environment and Natural Resources spokesperson said solar solid waste is “an issue we are becoming aware of” as solar projects boom, likely due to the tax credit. The DENR also acknowledged concerns about the disposal of millions of pounds of solar panels, a number that is expected to increase by three to four-fold, plus.

The DENR officials stated that they “don’t have the data yet” on effects of herbicides sprayed on the solar farms to keep weeds and grass from blocking the panels, or how to return land to productive use once solar projects are removed.

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