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Our Founder

The reason the Stop Solar Farms website was created is because of one person, who is a fighter, organizer and activist that dislikes being lied to, having facts hidden, and dreams dismantled.

When the founder of Stop Solar Farms discovered that his dream home, located a couple miles outside of a small town, on land that he physically developed with his own hands, was facing the potential threat of having his home surrounded on four sides by thousands of solar panels and tall fences that would block his view and prevent the local wildlife from having access to the ponds he created for them to drink from, he was upset.

When he then found out that he only had a few days notice before local authorities would be voting to approve the installation of multiple solar farms surrounding his home, combined with local attorneys refusing to even appear at the town meeting to defend anyone protesting the solar development, his being upset turned to down right anger.

The final straw is when he found out that certain local elected officials HID vital information about the solar development from all the local citizens and that many of the local citizens that would be affected by this solar development were not even allowed to vote for these elected officials, due to the property owners and residents not living inside the town limits.

As a result of the deceit, collusion and uneducated elected officials that do not seem to care about the people, their lives, safety or their pursuit of happiness, Stop Solar Farms was created.

It turns out this one sole individual, happened to be a retired business man and founder of multiple organizations throughout the world. By using his experience and business knowledge as well as calling on members of other organizations that he created, he has been able to collect a variety of information on the hazards of solar farms and solar panels.

He also found out there are many other problems involved wind power, corrupt and uncaring elected officials all across this country as well as in other countries.

As a result of the investigations, we have discovered there is more corruption, lies and thefts taking place among the “green energy” movement than most people ever considered was possible.

As a result of these discoveries, our founder has not only created this Stop Solar Farms website, but he has also undertaken the oversight of numerous other new organizations dedicated to rooting out the truths about solar and wind farms as well as details relating to corrupt politicians, money hungry corporate executives and billionaires that are destroying the lives and dream homes of “the common people.”

One final note about our founder. He prefers to stay anonymous, for multiple reasons. Part of that is to encourage others to focus on the goals of this organization and not the person behind it.