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Why having a solar farm next door is such an emotional event

04 Nov 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by SR Editor
Why having a solar farm next door is such an emotional event.
Not all houses are homes.

By David H.

Since some people that choose to live in a condo or apartment do not seem to understand why certain individuals living in the country might be against having a solar farm next door to them, I thought I would take a few moments to share my personal perspective.

Like many young people of today, I was raised by a single parent. As such, my mother did not have enough money to buy a house, so we lived in rented apartments and houses.

Like most rental places, the ones I grew up living in were located “in cities.” The towns and cities I lived in as a child were located in the northeastern part of the U.S.A. and many of the buildings around us were so close together that a person could literally reach out the window and touch hands with a neighbor that was also reaching out their window.

Due to many of the experiences life throws at a person, once I became old enough to drive, I knew that I wanted to get out of the city and experience a more peaceful and quiet type of existence. However, I also knew that would take a certain amount of money, so I ended up getting a job driving a semi-truck from coast to coast.

That job allowed me to be alone, earn a descent wage, have a safe bed to sleep in every night and allow me to see and experience the entire country, all wrapped up in one package.

After spending years living out of a truck and saving my money, I finally found what I “thought” would be the perfect location to “BUILD” my own home.

The location was perfect for my wants and needs. I can lay outside at night and enjoy the silence as I would gaze up at the stars, without any city lights or other distractions taking away the beauty of the night time light shows.

The morning view is also breathtaking as I can look out the window of my sunroom and see nothing but the beauty of nature with it’s grasses waving in the breeze and the trees off in the distance that have become my calendar to show me what season it is by the color and size of their leaves.

I am a lucky man, because I am able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I don’t just live in a building. I CREATED a home. I designed it. I picked out the materials I wanted to use in it’s creation. I paid for it.

I even worked the land by building multiple ponds and stocked them with various types of game fish, as well as planting fruit trees, a garden for vegetables and even flower beds.

In creating those ponds, I also created watering holes for ducks and geese as they fly over my property each year, as well as attracting deer, turkeys, turtles, heron and other types of wildlife on a regular basis, that put on a great show and education for me as well as my wife, children and grandchildren.

This is not just a home. It is a creation. It is a dream come true. It is my baby and a major part of my life. But my dream home and my lifelong creation is about to come to an end.

Over the decades, other homes have also been built within the view of my property and I appreciate having neighbors and the added security, but now I am faced with a new neighbor that I am not real happy about.

When corrupt or uninformed politicians allow greedy industrial solar developers to come into what is zoned as a farming and residential neighborhoods and destroy our property values, cause erosion that will flood my property and kill my fish, install products that have a history of creating fires and contain toxic hazardous chemicals that can be contaminate the ground water, fence off my property on all four sides, thus blocking off wildlife from my watering holes, install security lights all the way around my home, cause me to pay for these fake green energy projects that cause more contamination then other energy sources by using my tax money and raising my electric rates to help pay for the new high transmission lines, I would say that in my mind, I have every right to be upset by the betrayal of my elected officials on a local, state and federal level.

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