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Solar farm dispute has neighbors alleging broken promises

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Several residents who live alongside a Warwick solar farm said the proje ...


Complaint to U.S. Senator Todd Young

Thank you for responding, but we have been waiting 8 months since you sent your "reply" stating ...


Renewable Energy Storage Systems Literally Setting The World On Fire

Giant Lithium Batteries Literally Ready to Explode On Energy Scene


Food vs Fuel

Plans to build the UK’s biggest solar farm across a swathe of arable land in East Anglia have r ...


Moreau, NY, Planning Board wants farmland protected from solar panels

The Town Board and the Planning Board of Moreau, NY,are having trouble coming to an agreement


Solar farm proposed for toxic Southeast Side industrial site

Solar farm proposed for toxic Chicago, IL, Southeast Side industrial site


Solar farms branded a "waste of money"

solar farms waste money energy lost unreliable


Organization For Responsible Solar

Time to organize citizens that are against solar farms that destroy croplands and woodlands.


Insurance Report On Solar Panel Fires

Article from Insurance groups on the hazzards of solar panel fires.


Solar Farm Fire Burns 1,127 Acres

Solar Farm Fire that burns 1, 127 acres, was started by a BIRD.