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Questions for town/planning board prior to application approval/denial of a commercial solar project.

28 Dec 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by SR Editor
The document below was originally offered to one person that is trying to protect their community when the town council voted to approve a disastrous solar project that removed over thirty crop producing farms and bordered in excess of 80 homes and buildings, in favor of a solar developer that had no experience in building a solar project.

Since it seems like many states and counties either don't care about their citizens and taxpayers or are just uninformed, we are providing a list of questions that EVERY elected or appointed official that is responsible for rules or regulations overseeing any type of solar development, should read and act on.

We are publishing the entire list here in a PDF format so that it can be printed out and mailed to your local representatives.

We also want to give credit to Lynne Bruning and other members of the Stop Solar Farms Facebook Group and message board members for their contributions to this list.

Click the link below to read this list.
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