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Oregon Puts Restrictions on Solar Farms

21 Jan 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Oregon Set Strict Regulations For Solar Farms.

Oregon put restrictions on the amount of land that can be used for Solar Farms depending on the quality of the farm land.

The state Land Conservation and Development Commission adopted new rules prohibiting solar farms being built on high-value farmland.

There are 289,363 acres of farmland deemed high value in Marion County, Oregon.
If any of the specified types of soil are on a portion of any of a farm property, the entire property is determined to be high value and thus off limits to solar development.

Marion County Commissioners removed allowing solar farms from the county code in early 2018.

The state commission approved one exemption to the prohibition of solar arrays on high-value farmland, a dual-use exemption.

In the dual-use model, the solar arrays on prime farmland may be built up to 20 acres if they serve multiple purposes, such as beehives or being used for grazing as well as solar production.

As many as 140 proposed solar farms in EFU land have been submitted for approval in Oregon, but a small number have been constructed.


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