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Complaint to U.S. Senator Todd Young

24 Apr 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by SR Editor
To: Andrew J. Kossack 
State Director 
U.S. Senator Todd Young 
Thank you for responding, but we have been waiting 8 months since you sent your "reply" stating Senator Young was "looking into the issue I recently presented to him" regarding Industrial solar farms surrounding homes, starting fires and leaking toxic cancer causing chemicals into our ground water.
During that time, Orion Renewables has expanded from developing TWO solar projects in our county, each one removing over 1,000 acres of farm land. Now they are working on 4 additional projects in the same county, plus projects in other counties within the state.

Unlike some politicians, I have not been sitting idle. I am organizing citizens to fight back against the solar and wind industry as well as against elected officials that are taking money and campaign donations from fake green energy companies.

One of the area's we are fighting against is allowing energy companies, (Vectren  or Country Mark) to build Industrial Solar Developments, (not farms) on agricultural land without having to get permission from or abide by local zoning regulations, as they did in Troy, Indiana.

Another area that is being neglected is the erosion that is being caused and no one, not the USDA District Conservationist, County Surveyor, nor anyone from the state or fed has investigated the drainage from these solar plants that are letting the erosion from their fields, drain into the local rivers. Hell, we even have the county seat of Spencer County ADMIT to the newspapers that raw sewage is being dumped into the Ohio river and has been for several years, in spite of them having received a mandate to stop it.

All of this crap being allowed to seep into local wells, ditches and rivers is AGAINST federal laws, yet no one seems to be paying attention, or trying to stop it. Much like the election fraud that was "allowed" to take place, so this country could be destroyed, yet Republicans didn't have the b*lls to stand up and fight back. Now we are all paying the price.

So, basically, thanks for nothing. You guys are worthless and until someone stands up and fights for us, the conservative citizens of America, I will NEVER vote for another lying, ineffective, money grubbing incumbent elected official in my life and I am using the 30+ websites I own, to encourage others to follow my lead.

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