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Application for Special Exception Reversed

Here is a story that reminds us all that our efforts to slow down and stop all the large commer ...


CA Agency May Scrap Electric Bus Fleet

CA Agency May Scrap Electric Bus Fleet After Electric Buses Melt in California Sun, Catch Fire, ...


Solar Company Sues over Wind Farm

Allco Renewable Energy Ltd is sueing the Department of Interior accusing them of violating the ...


Solar farm dispute has neighbors alleging broken promises

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Several residents who live alongside a Warwick solar farm said the proje ...


No One Wants You to Know By Justin Parker

I feel I need to make one very important statement that a lot of appointed and elected officia ...


Renewable Energy Storage Systems Literally Setting The World On Fire

Giant Lithium Batteries Literally Ready to Explode On Energy Scene


After 30 years of failed Climate Politics, let’s try Science!

The following is a partial quote from a very interesting article about the lies told in relatio ...


Wind and Solar Potentially Aren't Climate Cure-Alls

Facing the facts that solar and/or wind energy are NOT reliable due to their their intermitten ...


Food vs Fuel

Plans to build the UK’s biggest solar farm across a swathe of arable land in East Anglia have r ...


Moreau, NY, Planning Board wants farmland protected from solar panels

The Town Board and the Planning Board of Moreau, NY,are having trouble coming to an agreement