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Sunday 14 February 2021

Solar Panels Blanketed in Snow - Germany Turns To Coal

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During the twenty-year period that Germany increased the amount of energy coming from renewable sources, the Germans paid a hefty price For example, the average cost of electricity for German households has doubled since 2000.

By 2019, households had to pay 34 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour, compared to 22 cents per kilowatt-hour in France and 13 cents in the United States, according to data from IEEE Spectrum.

That’s not all. This year, the coldest weather in a decade arrives in western Europe. Bitter cold and snow sweep across western Europe including Germany, Great Britain, and France. Germany faces a sober reality as millions of its solar panels are blanketed in snow and ice and breathless.

The freezing weather has rendered its 30,000 wind turbines to idleness. It is not just the wind turbines. Solar panels covered with snow are also rendered useless. You may call it “coal comfort” as a total collapse in the wind and solar output leaves freezing Germans desperate for coal-fired power.

“In 2000, the country derived nearly 84 percent of its total primary energy from fossil fuels; this share fell to about 78 percent in 2019. If continued, this rate of decline would leave fossil fuels still providing nearly 70 percent of the country’s primary energy supply in 2050.”

Harald Schwarz, professor of power distribution at the University of Cottbus, went straight to the point saying:
“With this supply of wind and photovoltaic energy, it’s between 0 and 2 or 3 percent – that is de facto zero. You can see it in many diagrams that we have days, weeks, in the year where we have neither wind nor PV.

Especially this time for example – there is no wind and PV, and there are often times when the wind is very miniscule. These are things, I must say, that have been physically established and known for centuries, and we’ve simply totally neglected this during the green energies discussion.”

So what’s the plan for the future? The reporter went on to say that Germany will have to rely more on natural gas from Russia, coal power from Poland, and nuclear power from France.

Translated text from German Video.

The hidden sun prevents photovoltaics from allowing any air movement. Wind turbines are in place regenerative winter rest for all our electricity comes first from the Lausitz power plants which also run 100% from coal.

Sun and wind can’t afford it. Now, we’re replacing it completely with black ones (dirty fossil fuels).

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