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Spencer County Residents Got 17 Days Notice of a Life Altering Meeting

Attorneys for Orion Gave Some Residents 17 days or Less Notice of a Meeting.

A Certified Letter from attorneys representing a solar developer was mailed out on Friday, 11/22/19 stating there would be a meeting to decide the future of our lives and our homes on Thursday, 12/12/19. Excluding Sundays, that was 17 business days for the mail to reach Grandview and the residents to read, research and comprehend the “Proposed Application.”

That letter was mailed to “most” of the residents living next door to properties where the Solar Farms are expected to be built, however, there were some residents that did not receive a letter until 12/4/19 or later. There were other residents, including ones that just finished building a new home and at least one that has not even completed the construction of a new home yet, that NEVER received notice of the town meeting and knew nothing about the solar farms being built until 6 months after the vote took place when we informed them.

Elected Officials HID information relating to the Grandview Solar Project

The letter from the attorneys representing the solar developer, announcing a Grandview Town Hall meeting, was the first time most residents learned of the proposed Solar Farms and it stated, “A copy of the proposed application is available for public review at the Town of Grandview Town Hall, Grandview, Indiana during the regular business hours.”

Residents made multiple requests to VIEW the “Proposed Application” but were met with a response from the “Town Clerk” of Grandview, Donna Burrows, stating, “The only thing we have is a MAP of the area.”

On the day the Board of Zoning Appeals for the Town of Grandview, Indiana, held their vote to “unanimously approve” the “Special Exception” for a “Commercial Solar Energy System”, the Town Clerk made an announcement 10 minutes prior to the meeting, stating that she “found” the “Proposed Application.”

According to information stated in the “Proposed Application” (that could not be located by the “Town Clerk”), the “Application was sent directly to the “Town Clerk” via email and overnight delivery on November, 12, 2019, along with copies to the Town Attorney via overnight delivery, the Zoning Administrator via overnight delivery, and 2 other individuals via email.

Additionally, the “formal notice” sent to residents, stating, “A copy of the proposed application is available for public review at the Town of Grandview Town Hall, Grandview, Indiana during the regular business hours.”, was signed by the David K. Nix, the Grandview Town Administrator.

We believe their should be a law against allowing the individuals in charge of running a town, to hide vital information from voters and tax payers. If no one within the State of Indiana investigates these actions and holds these individuals accountable, since we live outside of the city and can not vote these individuals out of office, we have every intention of filing a lawsuit against them and possibly even the State of Indiana for not taking steps themselves.

While we may not have been able to learn enough information within 30 days or the 15 days that we had from the time information stating there was going to be a meeting, was delivered to Grandview, the fact that we only had 15 minutes to review the proposal SHOULD be illegal.