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How Indiana Mistreats Their Citizens and Taxpayers

How Indiana Mistreats Their Citizens and Taxpayers.

Written by: JR

As conservatives, we know how social media and other tech giants, will limit how much information the general public is allowed to find out when that information relates to anything the giants disagree with.

Dealing with any type of green energy is treated the same way. Negative stories, posts and articles are limited in their exposure, UNLESS you look on the Dark Web or certain websites that have message boards or comment sections.

As adults, we know there are 2 sides to every issue, however in the U.S.A., it seems like every law, code, regulation, etc. is PRO green energy with NO dissenting opinions or rulings allowed. WHY is there no “balance” of information available from the government, regarding the negative aspects and dangers of solar panels or farms?

WHO in Indiana is responsible for this charade posing as Environmental Friendly Energy, ruining the lives of Indiana Residents, Taxpayers and Voters?

In 2015, Tom Utter with Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation, (LEDC), “promoted” the Hoosier Energy Solar Panel project at the Spencer County Council Meeting.

Steve Seibert, CEO of Southern Indiana Power also promoted the same solar project at that meeting plus he admitted that Southern Indiana Power submitted multiple sites in Perry and Spencer County as potential sites for solar farms. (We need a new or different electric co.)

At least THREE of the LEDC Board Members, including the past and/or a current LEDC Chairman and founding member, have or currently sit on either the Spencer County Council or the Spencer County Commissioners Board.

This raises a very interesting question. How can individuals that RUN an organization dedicated to enticing big businesses to come into a county, with the primary goal of collecting the “Property Tax” they brag about, (regardless of the effects those businesses will have on the environment, job market, traffic, noise, safety and odors,) be qualified to sit on County Boards that are supposed to represent the tax payers and citizens of the county?

I am sorry to say that I have supported and voted for many of these individuals in the past, but that has come to an end. I can assure you that as a result of the Solar Projects being installed in residential areas, including around my own home, I will be submitting every detail I can find about how these individuals are putting money ahead of the people that vote for them, to every website I can find that is willing to publish them.