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Grandview Indiana Proposed 1,000+ Acre Solar Farm Project

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Written by FTW

This is a map of the proposed solar farms that will be built outside of Grandview, Indiana. This project will be leasing at least 30 parcels of land, mostly farm land that is currently producing crops. Every parcel of land that has a series of black numbers with a white border around the numbers, is a parcel of land where they want to place solar farms.

All of the little red squares with a blue circle around them, are buildings. A few of these buildings might be barns, but most of them are homes.

We counted over 50 buildings and know of several that are not even displayed on this map, because they were built AFTER this map was drawn up, due to new property owners not knowing a solar farm would be built next to their new home.

You might also notice that every parcel of land that was voted on by the Town of Grandview, Indiana is outside the city limits except for one parcel on the corner of Twelfth St and Main St. and we counted 10 buildings adjoining just around that one parcel of land.

Most of the land owners that signed leases or county officials that voted to approve these solar farms, do not live on the land where these solar panels will be installed. It is apparent by their actions, they do not care about the lives they are risking, by allowing hundreds of thousands of solar panels with a history of flying through the air during 60 mph winds, to be built in a tornado prone area or flood prone area. I also wonder if the elected officials and land owners that want this project built even know about the history of fires CAUSED by these solar panels. Maybe a few law suits for wrongful deaths, houses and barns burned or horsed and cattle killed or injured because they escaped from a fenced in field and got trapped on a busy road that contained tall fences.

The image above is a flood that hit the town of Grandview in 1964 and that flood was not nearly as bad as the one they experienced in 1937.

The area's containing a series of white lines on the map, is marked as part of their floodplain. This area was covered with a massive flood within the last 100 years and now any mobile homes in that area have to be built on stilts or blocks of a certain elevation around 6 feet minimum above ground level. Yet they want to install thousands of solar panels in the fields, that will allow rain water to drip off the edges and create erosion.

Would you want to live next door to thousands of solar panels that can contain faulty components that have a history of shorting out, especially if the Ohio River rises again and these solar panels are standing in deep water?

Some final thoughts The town of Grandview is built right on the banks of the Ohio River and there are drainage ditches on some of these farms that spill into tributes that feed the Ohio river.

Therefore the chances of erosion and top soil being fed into the Ohio river as a result of construction are about 100%. Plus there is another solar farm of over 1,000 acres being built just a few miles away in the same county that also sits right on the banks of the Ohio river.

Also, there is a major coal powered power plant originally built by I&M back in the 1970's against the wishes of many local residents.

That plant sits of over 4,000 acres of land that is located around 3 miles from where some of these new solar farms will be built.

There is talk in the area stating that coal powered electric plant owned by AEP will be shutting down. If that is true, why wouldn't the local officials that don't seem to care about their own voters, have the solar farms built on the acreage currently used by AEP, the company that now owns I&M Electric?

And don't tell us the local officials are doing all this to deal with climate change, when they are at the same time, trying to have the only 'Coal to diesel' plant in American, built in this same county,

I don't want to call certain people corrupt or stupid, but there is a lot going on here that doesn't make sense.