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A Note To Spencer County and Indiana Politicians

Never Judge a Book by JUST It’s Cover.

Written By a Concerned Spencer County Voter

While some people may look at me and see a old man without a high school education, I am about to let you in on a SMALL PART that lies beneath the surface.

Over 40 years ago, I read about a chess tournament that was being held in Northern Indiana. I attended that tournament, simply because I wanted to play chess and didn’t know anyone in my area that I could play with.

A year later, I was the founder and president of a local chess club in Northern Indiana. I volunteered to go into the schools and teach chess to students. I also performed exhibitions at shopping malls and county fairs where I would play against individuals while being blindfolded OR on play 10 to 20 boards at one time, against different opponents. Everything I did at and for that chess club was FREE. I never charged anyone a single dime. And that chess club is still in existence and thriving.

Today I am a retired business owner that spent over 50 years building SIXTEEN of my own businesses from scratch, in multiple towns and counties within Indiana as well as in other states.

Those businesses ranged from Manufacturing plants, Real Estate, Advertising, Publishing, Retail Establishments, including Restaurants and Stores, the Transportation Industry, Wholesale Suppliers, and various businesses in the Service Industry. I have also financed businesses for others, to help them get their projects and dreams off the ground.

I am also the founder, organizer and financial supporter of several International Historical Preservation Nonprofit Organizations that I still manage, as well as the founder and president of several other types of organizations.

The reason for disclosing my background is to let you know that I have seen and dealt with a variety of Business Laws and Regulations from across this country, I have also dealt with regulations that effect commercial and residential property owners, visitors, tourists and business travelers. As a result of my background and travels, I have witnessed my share of crooked “officials”, organizations and business owners, in a variety of states and towns.

I moved to rural area in Southern Indiana, in part, so that I could retire to a nice quiet area and to get away from all of the big city corruption. I have been in Spencer County almost twenty years and I am sorry to say that I have been greatly disappointed in what I have uncovered in the the last 6 months regarding the world of local politics, some nonprofit organizations and a few of the local professionals.
On December 12th of 2019, The Board of Zoning Appeals for the Town of Grandview, Indiana voted unanimously to approve a “Special Exception” for a “Commercial Solar Energy System” to be located on “30+ Various Parcel of farm land” which were previously zoned, Agricultural and Residential.

Most of what I am about to describe, is well documented. However, if anyone can disprove anything I am about to list, please let me know where I am wrong and I will correct any allegations and/or statements.

That vote to surround my home, as well as cover the cropland next to other homes in the area, was the final straw that put this Spencer County, Indiana, registered republican voter and financial donor, over the top and has forced me to start fighting back against incompetent, dishonest and uncaring elected officials of ALL party affiliations.

As such, I have started the process of exposing the votes, financial donors, lies and uncaring comments involving elected officials on the local, state and federal level, regardless of their party affiliation.

The actions of non-elected government officials, non-profit organizations and big business that are drafting and pushing harmful legislation is another area I am ready to start pushing back against. Therefore, I am going to expose the non-elected individuals, organizations and businesses that are drafting these laws and policies, without American Citizens being able to hold them accountable. Information uncovered, relating to these non-government organizations and companies that have been instrumental in influencing hazardous or harmful laws, policies and projects to be passed or enacted, will be exposed to their donors and investors.

I have already started submitted certain findings on multiple websites, relating to the deception and dangers of Solar Panels and Solar Farms.

Now, I am ready to take the next step and start exposing the corruption and ineptitude that is taking place in Indiana, allowing money hungry companies and politicians to destroy the lifestyles, dreams and property investments of so many residents, by this invasion of solar farms being built next to and around residential housing.

Also, this investigation and the exposure that follows, will NOT end with the next election, because I am currently in the process of adding a new trust to my estate, that will support the cost of this investigation, long after I am gone.

My final comment in this article is to let local, state and federal politicians know that "We The People" voted you into office and we can and will vote your out. It may not be in the current election, but once the local voters find out just how much you have hurt their home values, dreams and the safety of their children's lives, it will happen,